The Friendly Plumbing Company Sunny Plumber

Based in Phoeinix, Arzona, Sunny Plumber offers commercial and residential plumbing services. As a licensed, insured, and bonded plumbing company they offer a full service of services and ensure the plumbing system will be reliable and are backed by a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. The company also offers a 26 year warranty and offers a 24/7 emergency repair service.
Sunny Plumbers is led by President Kenneth Goodrich. Goodrich has 30 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industries. In 2013 he purchased Rescue Rooter and changed the company name to Sunny Plumber with the help of a marketing company. Kenneth has built the company into one that now employees over 142 people. As part of its marketing efforts the company’s slogan is, “Bright and sunny repairmen” in order to convey that the company and its employees are friendly to work with, unlike unfortunately too many contractors.
Sunny Plumber offers the full gamut of plumbing services. This includes everything from water heater repairs, plumbing drains, residential and commercial garbage disposals, showers, and beyond. The company also has water testing, filtration, and purification services. The plumbers they employ are experienced in solving just about any plumbing problem that they come across.
Above everything else Sunny Plumbers believes in providing the highest quality of plumbing services, and guarantee that their customers will be able to safely and reliably use their plumbing system. All of the plumbers employed with the company engage in ongoing training so that they are completely up to date in current plumbing issues and designs.