Mike Baur’s New Business Idea To Help Business Ideas

Having your startup seems to be the route that today’s youth want to take. Everyone wants to be their boss at the end of the day and dictate your terms, but the reality of running your own business can be harsh. Sure it may be easy to be known as a CEO of a company, but with great power, comes great responsibility, and making your business success is to you entirely. Companies need funds and a good amount of resources to help it grow in the right direction and finding those can be hard without a proper mentor to guide you every step of the way. Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who understood these needs of business owners and entrepreneurs, having gone down the path himself.


Mike Baur is the man behind Swiss Startup Company, a business which caters to helping other businesses and companies grow in a favorable direction. Through the company, Mike Baur has helped numerous businesses grow, something which the business owners would not have been able to do themselves. Anyone can have the next best idea that will send them in a million dollar bracket, but unless they are given the right guidance and shown what can be done to benefit them, there’s no saying how far they will go by themselves. The Swiss Startup Factory tries its best to mentor the people entering the company and provide them the best solutions for their line of work. With the number of ambitious people trying to make it out there for themselves, the need for a company like this was much needed in the market, and Mike Baur has fit this demand quite well.


Mike Baur has extensive knowledge regarding the workings of the business sector and what companies and business owners need to do to make it out there for themselves and to make their businesses a success. Before laying the foundations for the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur was a judge on a reality show called ‘Start.’ The show was a ray of hope for people wanting to open up their businesses, and Mike Baur helped numerous people achieve that dream. Because of Mike Baur’s expertise in the field of business and his skill in formulating sound business plans, he has been able to lead his company towards the path of success.

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