An Unmatched Streak with Julie Zuckerberg

When we mention Julie Zuckerberg, two things come to mind, recruiter and mentor. Even as a young woman, Julie Zuckerberg has been able to achieve things that elude many for years. Over time, Julie has become a darling for many companies across the United States of America primarily because she is a great talent recruiter. From humble beginnings, Julie has developed a sense of finding you and your organization the best match when it comes to employees. To this end, Zuckerberg has found favor with Deutsche Bank, an institution she heads as the executive recruiter. Apart from recruiting new members of staff, Julie Zuckerberg has been instrumental in nurturing young talent. By offering mentorship to new hires on a pro bono basis, Julie has given such individuals a fighting chance in a rather competitive world. It is because of Julie’s education in philosophy that has made it possible for her to understand people better. On the other hand, Zuckerberg’s knowledge on matters law has protected her from committing corporate offenses in her line of duty.



Julie’s industriousness and zeal to succeed has come open through the brands she has been fortunate enough to headline. By working for Citi Group, Hudson, and the New York Life Insurance Company, Zuckerberg has been able to attain valuable skills and experiences that have made her the woman she is today. Julie’s unique persona has made her an individual who everyone wants to work alongside. It is because of Zuckerberg’s skills and expertise than she has been able to rise through the ranks faster than her colleagues. By embracing technology, Julie Zuckerberg has become an avenue for newer and better ideas. In as much as Julie is an incredible person, she has tried her best to maintain a vibrant lifestyle. Social media has become Zuckerberg’s means of keeping in touch with the outside world. By opening social accounts on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and Pinterest, Julie has been able to make friends from within and beyond. Social media has also made it easier for Zuckerberg to recruit new talent.



With Julie Zuckerberg being an all round kind of person, she gets her passion for excelling from co-curricular activities. Running is Julie’s main hobby simply because it helps her keep fit and warm during cold weather. It is while running that Julie Zuckerberg gets the chance of reflecting on things thus clearing her mind. For a long time, Julie Zuckerberg has been passionate about cooking. Starting off with research, Julie has been able to learn of different recipes from journals and books which she has then made use of to create personal food preparation techniques. Her passion for wildlife conservation never goes unnoticed. Julie always volunteers her free time to support causes that advocate for environmental preservation, human rights, protection of wild animals as well as economic empowerment. Zuckerberg has also learned to embrace photography since art is her major attraction in life. With Julie Zuckerberg, the sky is the limit since she always finds a way to succeed in every task.


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