Benefits of Good Diplomatic Relations with Daniel Taub

When two countries are having great diplomatic relations, there many benefits that come along. This is why being an ambassador is a noble course. Sometimes when a country is in crisis, it’s the other states that come to intervene or offer the kind of help that is required. Daniel Taub has been a very successful ambassador for Israel to Britain.

When he went to present his credentials officially as the ambassador of Israel, his dressing code suggested one thing; that he came from Britain but was not ready to compromise his duty to Israel. The Queen was concerned about the post he was about to take. This is because Daniel Taub was born in Britain and moved to Israel less than 30 years ago. She knew that if Taub undertook this job, he would have to lose his Britain citizenship.

Daniel Taub viewed this in a different angle. He saw this as an opportunity. He would have a chance to bring up his children in their historic world. The job was also an opportunity to bring the two countries together. This was a sign of appreciation to the two states.

Four years later, Daniel Taub is glad to see the level of the relationship between the two countries. The two countries have intermarried completely. There is an exchange of culture, lifestyle, and education among other things.

Trade between the two countries has never been better. The value of the trade is $7.7 million. There 300 Israeli businesses set up in Britain. This has greatly benefited the citizens of Britain. They have many employment opportunities and a variety of products to choose from during their shopping. The presence of substitutes in the market has also encouraged quality products and fair prices. This is because the manufacturers have to prove that their products are the best.

The Israeli business persons are also happy to have an opportunity to outsource. They are confident that with the current relationship between the two countries, their businesses are safe.

During his farewell party, he is glad to see that he accomplished his goal. Everyone is sad to see him vacate his seat. They only hope that the next ambassador will be dedicated, self-driven and committed like Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub says that his job was very fulfilling. Britain being a mighty nation in the world, he is glad to have been in the meeting that helped them resolve their differences.


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