Fabletics: Crowdsourcing Success

Every shift in consumer behavior brings an array of advantages and disadvantages. The current consumer trend swiping the economy is crowd-sourced reviews. Every day, more people use online reviews to determine their final purchases. This is due to the increase of technology’s effect on society and the economy.

While some brands struggle to get on board with this new trend, savvier brands like Fabletics are capitalizing. To attract new customers, companies developed more review-centric marketing strategies. This was easier for Fabletics than for other brands. Fabletics began as a company that used its subscription mechanic to get to know its members.

Fabletic’s connection to its members is what makes the brand successful. Today’s review-centric economy is just icing on the cake. It’s something that Fabletic’s been doing since its launch in 2013, so it’s comfortable adapting his marketing styles and changing with the times. Despite some negativity surrounding its early days, Fabletics trusts its members to remain loyal, which they have.

Honestly, a lot of people don’t think Fabletics would’ve been so successful without the help of the crowd. Crowd-sourced reviews are the best way to market anything these days and Fabletics figured that out just in time to succeed. They’ve done what other companies only dream about.

Fabletics executives got everything right from the start; including bringing Kate Hudson into the project. As a co-founder of the brand, Kate Hudson’s actually brought a lot to the table. She’s not just the pretty face selling some company’s products. She’s a valued member of the team.

She’s one of the major reasons that Fabletics has over 20 million social media followers. The other reason is all the discounted items and social media buzz about how great the products actually are. Many reviewers were actually surprised by Fabletic’s high quality.

Those same reviewers are the ones that made Fabletics the success that it is. Along with Kate Hudson’s creativity and fun spirit, Fabletics is a brand that’s doing things differently from the competition. The most notable difference is price, which seems to be what so many members love about the brand.

According to one reviewer, members can easily afford two or three items for the same price as one pair of leggings from the more expensive brands. All the discounts combined with actual high-quality products makes Fabletics worth the money spent. It’s a brand that many predict will continue to grow and succeed.

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