The success story of Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is a successful entrepreneur and investor based in the state of Brazil. His success is related to CVC Brazil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts a Brazilian touring company. He started his career way back then as an intern for IBM. His knack in entrepreneurship saw him start work with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who by then was a state deputy when they met at a ship trip. At the time Guilherme Paulus was living in San Paulo when Carlos brought the idea of starting at the now well performing tourist agency in Santo Andre. He was by then young and driving in funds to kick off the business would be entirely impossible. However, Vicente came in with the funds and the investment was covered. The only role left for him to play was to propose a society where he would come in with work. They worked together for four years as partners before he decided to go all by himself. Read more at to learn  more about Guiherme Paulus

Statistics right now indicate that GJP Hotels and Resorts have at least twenty actively operating hotels and resorts that are widespread across Brazil. The hotels are located in Sao Palo, the country’s capital Rio de Janeiro, Maceio, Recife and Salvador. The number of people served by this hotels and resorts since it was first opened in the year 1995 ranges to about ninety five thousand people and over five thousand people employed. He also attests that when he was getting into the tourism market in Brazil, it was by then very young and had little to offer. When Guilherme Paulus ventured into the tourism arena, he did break the market and since then Brazil’s tourism industry has grown immensely.

Guilherme Paulus vision come the year 2020 is to see CVC have stores opened and get to the number two thousand. He is optimistic that he does not mind opening such stores in not densely populated cities. His position at the CVC as a chairman has made it possible for him to reach people in his country through job creation and being at the fore front to support charity groups.

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OSI’s New Acquisations

Meet David McDonald, an established businessman who is the current president of the prominent Osi Group. The company offers its services to renowned brands including Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald’s, Yum, and Papa John’s to mention a few. The company, which runs under the leadership of David McDonald has registered remarkable growth over the years, becoming one of the most successful food industries in the world.

The tremendous growth continually registered by OSI Group is attributed to the excellent governance of David McDonald, who works closely with the management to devise strategic and innovative plans that are vital in promoting growth. David McDonald was born and brought up in Iowa and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University.

He joined the company after completing his university education. At first, he was the company’s Project Manager. McDonald was determined to be among the top leaders in the company, and this motivated him to work extra hard. Luckily, his efforts paid off and he was promoted as the organization’s president. Since then, he has led the company from strong to stronger with each passing year.

David McDonald also worked as the chairman of the renowned North American Meat Institute. He has been with the company for close to 3 decades and during his tenure, during which he has played a vital role in promoting growth and success. The business market is changing at a rapid rate and McDonald seems to understand this too well. He maintains a skilled team that is able to keep up with the evolving global market to keep OSI Group competitive.

Besides this, McDonald works closely with both local and international marketers to be able to meet the needs of customers, which also keep on changing just like the market itself. McDonald has partnered with other countries such as China in an effort to ensure the company has a good market presence internationally. Specifically, in China, Osi Group has poultry farming centers.

McDonald asserts that this is one of the group’s successful ventures and he is happy that the progress is incredible. Further, he strives to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. Being a private company, McDonald posits that it is easier for them to maintain flexibility with the solutions they come up with. Also, this gives them the time to create solid relationships, which in turn ensures the company runs smoothly.

OSI Group has made numerous acquisitions, with the latest being that of Baho Foods. The move helped the company gain a better presence in the European market.

Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth IS: Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is a small company that has been making impressive strides in recent years. The company was founded in 2012 by a young man named Ryan Eammons. He got the inspiration for the company by visiting his uncle and tasting the water from a natural spring.

Waiakea Water uses natural Hawaiian volcanic water as the base of the product. The one major thing that sets the company apart from the competition is the filtering process. The company uses natural volcanic rock in the filtering process. The water the company processes come from the Mauna Loa volcano.

A second place where Waiakea Water stands out is the Waiakea Water ph level. Because the water is filtered naturally, it has a neutral ph level of eight point two. Some bottled waters and other soft drinks have a very low ph level and are very acidic while this particular product is naturally alkaline in content.

Ryan Eammons says that the benefits of drinking this particular brand of water speak for themselves. The water has natural minerals due to the filtering process. Some of these minerals are silica, potassium, and calcium. One of the volcanic water benefits that have come to light is that drinking a small amount of silica in the water can reduce the effect of Alzheimer’s disease by more than ten percent. That is one good reason to take a close look at this bottled water company.

One of the reasons that Waiakea Water is ahead of the game is due to the water bottle itself.

Eammons and his staff have come up with the first fully degradable water bottle. While most plastic water bottles can take more than one thousand years to degrade this company has created a bottle that will fully break down in only fifteen years.

As mentioned above Waiakea Water is putting their money where their mouth is. It is delivering a great product for consumers but also being responsible to the earth as well. It is the perfect balance for customers and preserving the planet for the next generation. Ryan Eammons could not ask for more.

Dick Devos and the FAA

No one is more excited than the airline business executives for the latest appointment by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA created the Management Advisory Council last year to help with new budgets, policies, regulations, and future growth. The appointment of Dick Devos to the FAA’s council was a bit of a shock, as no one realized that he had any aviation experience. However, he is an avid pilot, and he has been working with the airport in Grand Rapids for some time.


Most people think that the Grnad Rapids has a fairly good economy. Part of that is due to Devos’ work in the area through his foundation. His wife has also helped co-found a business and an aviation school. It’s clear that the two are passionate about education, and they want to help the FAA do something to beat out competition in other markets. The airline industry has been waving for many months, which is why it’s so important that the new policies and regulations don’t limit the future of the aviation industry in America.


Dick Devos has had political aspirations for years as well. He ran for governor in 2006, and he has supported his wife through the Devos Family Foundation for many years. He has been working with her to support education, and he even sees more opportunities now that he is in Washington.


Many people have been looking to Betsy Devos for education reform, but they will soon be looking at Dick Devos as he begins to talk more openly about his work with the FAA over the past year. He has been working on some new ideas to help the FAA do something more with the airline industry, making it easier for certain business travelers, as well as ways to support air travel in general.


In the 1990s, Dick Devos was far from where he is now, but he was still in the Grand Rapids, trying to find a good way to help the business leaders rebuild the downtown area. He saw that he could create a Performing Arts Center and medical building in downtown as well.


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Infinity Group Australia Makes List of Top Companies

The Infinity Group Australia is a firm that aims to improve the everyday lives of Australians. This is achieved through minimization of debts and provision of financial advice that enables Australians to generate wealth. The ultimate prize that customers get for engaging Infinity Group Australia is securing their financial futures. This massive impact to the society has led to numerous positive Infinity Group Australia reviews from past clients. The company aims to continue saving poor people in Australia from some of the malicious financial institutions that aim at exploiting them.


The company’s work has not gone unnoticed. Recently, Infinity Group Australia as the 58th most innovative company in the country. The ranking was done by the Australian Financial Review (AFR). There were thousands of firms from Australia and New Zealand that were shortlisted for these awards. Therefore, achieving this position was an incredible feat that highlights the input of the firm’s employees towards innovation.


Infinity Group Australia was created in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and has been growing rapidly since then. The firm has been one of the most impactful companies in helping Australians manage their debts and helping them lead comfortable lives. Infinity group Australia reviews on their site are mostly positive, and this is a testimony of the incredible work that this young company is doing. Five years after its creation, Infinity Group Australia has been ranked among the best firms in the region. The firm’s achievements are on an upward trajectory, and it is expected to continue impacting the lives of more Australians in the future.


These rankings were previously called the BRW Most Innovative Companies and have been conducted for seven years since they were created. The Australian Financial Review ranks firms annually, and this is the only kind of ranking that compares companies from different industries in Australia and New Zealand. AFR publishes the list of the best 100 companies every year. The selection is made from a pool that contains thousands of top companies. This makes it a competitive ranking and making the shortlist is a show of incredible.


The selection is usually made by a team of experts in various investment fields. One of the prominent areas that the selection panel checks are how companies address the multiple issues that they are faced with. The panel additionally checks on the uniqueness of the solution. If the solution is an innovative one, the company in question gets a high ranking. Learn more :

Recap of Robert Ivy’s Career

Robert Ivy is a renowned figure in the field of architecture. He was born in Columbus Missippi, where he lived throughout his youth. He received an English degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South before going on to further education for a master’s degree in architecture at Tulane University. He currently works as the Executive Vice president for the American Institute of Architects in Washington, DC.

Before he ended up in the board, Robert Ivy was the Editor in Chief of McGraw Hill Construction. He managed to win The National Literary Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. This award was given because of his literary skills for the board. He later went on to garner more success and started gaining more traction in the field of architecture. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy was a junior on the board for the American Institute of Architects and went on to make decisions regarding the design for Frank D. Eisenhower center. From 1891 to 1896, he was on the directors’ board and was able to judge other designers on their work. In 2012, Ivy was made an experiment as part of the Citizen Global Initiative Anual Meeting, where he created an attempt to make designs to improve Public Health.

In 2012, he was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This was the first time that the award was given to an architect. The purpose of the award is to honor a lifetime achievement for creating, supporting, or performing art. It is a prestigious title that is given to people who are a native of Missipiis. Robert Ivy was a good candidate for this award due to his many contributions to his field and his leadership and support of others in the field.

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Controversial Presidential Pardoning of Joe Arpaio Continues to Raise Eyebrows across the Country

A presidential pardon is a situation that occurs when the president decides that a prisoner or a large number of prisoners are released from prison before the culprits have has served the entire sentence. The fact is that presidential pardons continue to take place every year.

However, some of the presidential pardons that have been witnessed in recent times have been so controversial to the extent they have attracted public attention.

One of the most contentious presidential pardons involved President Trump issuing a presidential pardon for Joe Arpaio, a Sheriff in Arizona, who had imprisoned Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the Village Voice owners.

It has been exactly ten years ago since Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were imprisoned for other pressing issues, one of them being disclosing important details about an investigation that was taking place. They were hauled from their Phoenix homes like individuals who did not have the rights of a prisoner or any citizen in the United States.

Surprisingly, the officers on duty were acting under the instructions and orders of one of the toughest sheriffs in Arizona by the time, Joe Arpaio. The two media personalities, who were by the time of their arrest working for Village Voice Media Newspaper had published a report about an investigation that did not go down well with the authorities. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Some of the stories covered by the two individuals portrayed Arpaio as a sheriff who was gender biased and an individual who was using his position of power to mistreat various individuals, especially the immigrants living within multiple cities in Arizona.

The aggressive law enforcement tactics had been exposed by the Phoenix newspaper and were mostly portrayed as subjective and discriminating.

This made Arpaio feel threatened whereby he highlighted that his work as a sheriff was frustrated. As the two journalists continued to work on various stories to publish about the department of police, the law enforcement authority was investigating them and preparing charges against them. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

There were several recorded occasions when the sheriff had been reminded by both the publication and the members of the public that he was applying the law the wrong way. In one instance, a district judge warned him against detaining emigrants because lack of legal status of the immigrants does not justify one to be detained.

Before the judge had pronounced such a case through the courtroom, it is said that there were several times when similar situations were addressed in behind the door meetings only for Arpaio not to adhere to the demands of the constitution.

When a case was presented to the court, Arpaio did not have an option rather than being charged with mistreatment of immigrants, especially those with the Latino background, especially in Tent City.

The Future of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is the quintessential food processor because it covers a wide array of services, and it offers a wide array of products. This global food processor got its start as a local butcher shop in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto Kolshowski, and his sons operated the business with success, and it became an important community fixture. Chicago’s shores was ground zero for mass immigration at the turn of the 20th century. These hardworking immigrants laid the foundation for successful, local businesses. This family-owned butcher shop would eventually transform into a food wholesaler, and this is when the local butcher shop made its biggest impact.

The wholesale game was booming for OSI Food Solutions during this time. The company was now headquartered in Maywood, Illinois. Thanks to the strong ambition of its leaders, the company decided to expand even more. By doing so, OSI would be taking on more day-to-day challenges. Growth was absolutely inevitable at this point in time as OSI would move its location to Aurora, Illinois. The company’s supply chain had grown by leaps and bounds as well as its products. High-profile brands were teaming up with the famous food processor, and bigger contracts were being fulfilled to the highest degree. OSI Food Solutions had finally made it to a global level. Some of the biggest changes came when the Kolschowski’s stepped away from daily business practices. A new team of leaders would fill the roles, and the new leaders took the company to an unprecedented level.

From 2011 to 2016, OSI Food Solutions had doubled its generated income from $3 billion to $6 billion. The company was listed on the prestigious Forbes list by being one of America’s biggest private companies. Factories and facilities were sprouting in new territories across the US and abroad. In total, OSI now conducts business from its 17 foreign locations. These facilities actually consist of test kitchens, standard offices, pilot plants and R&D centers.