All Star Jamaican Badminton Olympian Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a Jamaican Badminton super. In 2014, he performed in the All-Jamaica Seniors and Masters Badminton Championship in Rio, Brazil for the Olympic Games. The games have been scheduled for 2016 as well and he will be there to represent his country. He was proud of his 2014 year because he went from 400 in ranking to 250. Therefore, he qualified for the Olympics and he made that his main focus during the year. Gareth Henry was interviewed by a Jamaican reporter during this time. Gareth Henry is very understanding that hard work equals success and he is prepared to do that in order to become a successful Olympian. He even said that he is dedicated to his goal and will remain working hard toward it.

In order to be successful with what you venture upon, you must work hard toward it and plan to do just that. He also mentioned that his training has helped him stay on task with accomplishing his goal. During that week of preparation at the Constant Spring Golf Club Racquet Complex, Henry nabbed his third consecutive triple crown title because he won all three major titles — the Open Men’s Singles, the Open Men’s Doubles and the Open Mixed Doubles. He admitted to losing one tournament that year, but he was still humble because he came back and won the most important one of all was the All-Jamaica Seniors Badminton Championship.

There can be no better feeling than will the triple crown. Gareth Henry did state that he was beyond happy that it was his third consecutive triple crown that he won during the championship. The All Jamaica Senior Badminton Championship was the final check mark on Gareth Henry’s local test before he prepares to departure Puerto Rico In order to participate in the International games. Once that is completed, he will participate in a training camp in Indonesia. That will begin his grueling schedule that will lead up to the next qualification period.

Looking at Equities First Holdings- News

Good info on Equities First Holdings- News

Equities First Holdings is a company that has been around for over a decade and continues on to expand. People look to this company if they are in dire need of a loan for their business. This company does a great job when it comes to delivering fine alternative loans toward the clients as well as coming up with a flexible payment option.

This company mainly deals with those who are within business or need the money to start up a business or those who are in a high network. This company also has a low interest rate to pay off that is well below 10%. This company is one many businesses in the past had look to when they needed quick cash. This loaning business makes sure to go over the ins and the outs of its organization for the client’s benefit.

Infinity Group Australia Makes List of Top Companies

The Infinity Group Australia is a firm that aims to improve the everyday lives of Australians. This is achieved through minimization of debts and provision of financial advice that enables Australians to generate wealth. The ultimate prize that customers get for engaging Infinity Group Australia is securing their financial futures. This massive impact to the society has led to numerous positive Infinity Group Australia reviews from past clients. The company aims to continue saving poor people in Australia from some of the malicious financial institutions that aim at exploiting them.


The company’s work has not gone unnoticed. Recently, Infinity Group Australia as the 58th most innovative company in the country. The ranking was done by the Australian Financial Review (AFR). There were thousands of firms from Australia and New Zealand that were shortlisted for these awards. Therefore, achieving this position was an incredible feat that highlights the input of the firm’s employees towards innovation.


Infinity Group Australia was created in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and has been growing rapidly since then. The firm has been one of the most impactful companies in helping Australians manage their debts and helping them lead comfortable lives. Infinity group Australia reviews on their site are mostly positive, and this is a testimony of the incredible work that this young company is doing. Five years after its creation, Infinity Group Australia has been ranked among the best firms in the region. The firm’s achievements are on an upward trajectory, and it is expected to continue impacting the lives of more Australians in the future.


These rankings were previously called the BRW Most Innovative Companies and have been conducted for seven years since they were created. The Australian Financial Review ranks firms annually, and this is the only kind of ranking that compares companies from different industries in Australia and New Zealand. AFR publishes the list of the best 100 companies every year. The selection is made from a pool that contains thousands of top companies. This makes it a competitive ranking and making the shortlist is a show of incredible.


The selection is usually made by a team of experts in various investment fields. One of the prominent areas that the selection panel checks are how companies address the multiple issues that they are faced with. The panel additionally checks on the uniqueness of the solution. If the solution is an innovative one, the company in question gets a high ranking. Learn more :