Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth IS: Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is a small company that has been making impressive strides in recent years. The company was founded in 2012 by a young man named Ryan Eammons. He got the inspiration for the company by visiting his uncle and tasting the water from a natural spring.

Waiakea Water uses natural Hawaiian volcanic water as the base of the product. The one major thing that sets the company apart from the competition is the filtering process. The company uses natural volcanic rock in the filtering process. The water the company processes come from the Mauna Loa volcano.

A second place where Waiakea Water stands out is the Waiakea Water ph level. Because the water is filtered naturally, it has a neutral ph level of eight point two. Some bottled waters and other soft drinks have a very low ph level and are very acidic while this particular product is naturally alkaline in content.

Ryan Eammons says that the benefits of drinking this particular brand of water speak for themselves. The water has natural minerals due to the filtering process. Some of these minerals are silica, potassium, and calcium. One of the volcanic water benefits that have come to light is that drinking a small amount of silica in the water can reduce the effect of Alzheimer’s disease by more than ten percent. That is one good reason to take a close look at this bottled water company.

One of the reasons that Waiakea Water is ahead of the game is due to the water bottle itself.

Eammons and his staff have come up with the first fully degradable water bottle. While most plastic water bottles can take more than one thousand years to degrade this company has created a bottle that will fully break down in only fifteen years.

As mentioned above Waiakea Water is putting their money where their mouth is. It is delivering a great product for consumers but also being responsible to the earth as well. It is the perfect balance for customers and preserving the planet for the next generation. Ryan Eammons could not ask for more.


Sussex Healthcare Helps People Connect with Patients

When Sussex Healthcare hires people, they know they want to make the best connections possible. It’s extremely important for long-term care facilities to have employees who care about the patients and care about the people they’re working with. They believe they can do things that will help them and they aren’t afraid to give back in different situations. The company spent a lot of time trying to find the best employees so they could actually help others who were a big part of the company. They felt good about giving back and felt there were chances they could use to keep getting better. No matter what they did, Sussex Healthcare felt they had a chance to give their employees the ability to make a difference.

It was a big part of the goals they had so they used that to make things better no matter what. The patients see the employees as people who care instead of just people who take care of them. Many form lasting bonds with the patients and that’s an important part of any job. The ideas the employees have at Sussex Healthcare are important to the company and they always take them into consideration. It’s something they feel good about no matter what they’re doing or how they’re putting things into place for the company. Sussex Healthcare likes their employees to voice their opinions and they do what they can to make this a possibility.

The idea of their company continues getting better and people keep seeing it as something successful. While they are now looking for new employees, they want to make sure the employees have a clear idea of what they can do with the business. If they use them as people who know what they’re doing, they can try different things. They can also take their time while making an effort in training them. By doing all this, the company prepares their employees for everything that will come in the future. It helps them see they can use things that will improve for years to come. Sussex Healthcare knows that lasting employees are a great investment.

Rick Shinto’s positive contributions in the Health Industry.

Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health which is a pharmaceutical firm that offers healthcare to individuals who need the services. The organization has taken part in many medical programs where it caters for the health needs of most of its patients. The company works to better the healthcare system. Dr. Rick Shinto works hand in hand with a well-organized team of leaders in the organization who help him in the implementation of many processes within the organization.

The executive members assist in the finding of new ideas to drive the company forward under the leadership of Rick Shinto. Rick Shinto has previously received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, and he has also been awarded a medical degree from the State University of New York. Dr. Richard Shinto has also been awarded a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Redlands.

Rick Shinto began his career in medicine as an intern and a pulmonary specialist while he was doing his medical practice in Southern California. Rick Shinto has managed to sustain InnovaCare through a partnership with other executives such as Penelope Kokkinides who has worked extremely hard to see the success of InnovaCare.

Rick Shinto took the post of CEO in 2012, and since then he has earned recognition from many people because of his efforts to expand the market that InnovaCare is willing to serve. He aims at making significant improvements. The people from Puerto Rico depend on InnovaCare medical plans for their healthcare especially after InnovaCare provided healthcare for the individuals after a hurricane hit the country.

This has seen residents have access to reliable and affordable healthcare within their country thanks to InnovaCare under the leadership of Rick Shinto. Most of the Puerto Rico population prefers InnovaCare compared to health care offered by insurance firms because they use technology which is safe and accessible to everybody who is interested.

Before Rick Shinto became CEO of the company, he was the CEO of Aveta, and this saw the growth and recognition of the company. Rick Shinto was even awarded severally because of his excellent service and devotion to the company. His brilliance and innovativeness in helping communities earned him honor especially when he received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Dr. Shinto had also worked with other organizations before where he made an effort to develop the companies which later became recognized internationally. He had worked for NAMM and Medical Pathways Management, and his experience in those companies earned him the position of CEO at InnovaCare.


The American Institute of Architects, an organization with a vision for a better future

The American Institute of Architects, AIA, is an organization of professional architects in America that was founded in 1857. The AIA was set up to support the architects’ profession around the country. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., the AIA works with other stakeholders in the construction industry for coordination purposes. The organization consists of 300 local chapters and around 200 employees. Every year the AIA sponsors educational seminars to assist architects in maintaining their licenses. By conducting market research studies, the AIA advice architects on any economic factors that may affect their profession. They are also responsible for setting industry standards that affect the operations of their members.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA. He studied his undergraduate in English at the University of the South. He later received a Master of Architecture from the University of Tulane. His main role is to expand the architectural awareness to ensure the future of the practice is maintained. During the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting that was held in 2012, Robert committed to AIA improving the health care system by offering research grants, community planning programs, and digital programs for ten years. Before joining AIA, Robert worked for McGraw-Hill as the vice president and editorial director. While he was the editor-in-chief at Architectural Record, the magazine received various awards which included 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards. Robert also served as a spokesman for important architectural issues that were aimed at building the environment. He is also a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics.

At AIA, Robert Ivy ensures the core values of the company are maintained. The company believes that human dignity ought to be maintained in all aspects of business, employment, and civic transactions. AIA ensures that all architects adopt a tolerance to the guidelines that are set regarding the way they treat customers and conduct their business. The organization believes that communities are strengthened by the infrastructural projects set out by architects. Public buildings have been left by the government to deteriorate, thus reducing the safety and quality of life of the communities. It is up to architects to guide policymakers in making informed decisions on reinvesting in the communities.

AIA continues to advocate for policies that are aimed at reducing the damaging effects to the atmosphere. They do so by encouraging the preservation and design of high-quality buildings. These buildings are designed in a way that reduces their carbon footprint which is good for the environment, at the same time, they generate income to the society and contribute to the GDP of the country. Read more: http://www.aiainternational.org/