Sam Tabar’s career and significant achievements as a leader

Passion drives people to greater heights. For Sam Tabar, it has taken him places and made him the best in whatever he is called to do. Sam is both an attorney as well as a manager. He has a broad wealth of experience in the legal and capital strategy field.

He is an enthusiast of finance capital law, and holds a finance law degree and also sits in the New York State Bar. Before he ventured into the business field, Sam started off his career working for a law firm in New York as an associate.

Working for America Merrill Lynch Company and Sparx Group Company as well gave this man the knowledge and skills one would kill to acquire, It is the same skills that up to date enables him to lead Awearable Apparel and FullCycle Energy Fund as the Chief Financial Officer and COO respectively. Until 2014, Mr. Sam Tabar has been an associate of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

At FullCycle Energy Fund, he boasts of closely working with his fellow executives of the company to introduce clean and reusable energy solutions which in turn reduced the company’s carbon emission, while making its products and services affordable. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Sam believes in empowering women, and lately, he has established an investment dubbed THINKX, which seeks to support women throughout Asia and Africa. THINKX is a woman based hygiene company.

He takes education seriously, and that is why he went to the Columbia school of law and came out with a Masters Degree. He also joined Oxford University and earned his BA from the institution. With this papers and skills at hand, he has very well managed several Asian companies’ hedge funds.

Despite the busy schedule at work, Mr. Sam is a family man and creates a special time for himself and his family.

Sam is tech savvy and uses his social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to share his life experiences with the world. On the social media, he also shares with the world, photographs of his travel destinations, himself, and his family too.