Kim Dao’s Evening Routine in Japan


Kim Dao’s evening routine starts when she gets home. She sits down and relaxes, often playing on her phone. She will then spend a few hours replying to emails and comments or editing her videos ( Kim is normally hungery when she gets home so she snacks for a little bit while watching Youtube videos or anime. She then removes her makeup sand takes a shower, which she prefers to do at night so she can go to bed clean. Because Kim’s hair is damaged from all the bleaching she does she uses treatments while showering to help keep her hair healthy. After showering Kim blow dries her hair and uses more treatment to further help her hair. Once she is clean she eats dinner( Normally it is cheaper to eat out in Japan if you are living alone and since Kim is currently staying in an Airbnb bought food from a 7-11 which she can easily microwave. While eating she continues to watch videos online. This is Kim’s favorite time of the day where she can relax and eat at the same time( After eating dinner she continues with her video editing and snacking. When it is bedtime Kim brushes her teeth and does her night time skin care routine. She then puts on socks to help the blood circulation in her legs after walking all day. Kim then spends another hour playing on her phone. Occasionally Kim uses eye masks on nights where she knows she will have trouble falling asleep.Learn more :